Promo Blog Sebelah ;)

Hola! Berhubung saya punya blog satu lagi dlm bahasa Inggris (banyak gaya. Haha!), bolelah ya, sekali-kali promo di sini. Aku baru tulis satu post yang cukup sulit ditulis; jadi pengen bagi buat pembaca semua. Alamatnya ada di

Berikut adalah potongan kutipan post nya:

How on earth can anyone be the greatest, the very first, while being the very last? This is a strange order here. Everyone knows that being the first and being the last makes all the difference in the world, and that no one who is last is the first. But let’s take heed at what Jesus means by that.


Christ came to this world to save us, sinful human beings. He does the service and the sacrifice because of love. Having the mind of Christ means being concerned about two things: the will of the Father, and the salvation of the lost. For the newborn Christians, this – and no longer their own will, feelings, thoughts, selves – are what matters. Those who are truly in Christ are on the way to be like Christ, especially in their love towards God and fellow human.

Ya kira-kira begitulah ya. Selamat membaca dan silakan berkomentar 🙂


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